WASHINGTON. group is curating a new initiative called The Human Element, designed to shift the narrative from housing as a commodity to a human right, and to inspire creativity in the process.



The Culture of Real Estate Development - Anthropologically

From an anthropological perspective, the most important missing perspective at the table of real estate development projects is the human element. Finance is represented, construction, architectural design, permits and municipal planning. But no one thinks about the language of a built environment on the future inhabitants. The role of the Anthropologist is to see how one set of values displaces another and present the most effective solution.

Integrative Development Collaboration

We advocate for an integrative proposal that facilitates a collaborative between nonprofit and for-profit developers to produce effective affordable housing. Our position suggests that the success of your mission and the strength of nonprofit partners are inseparable goals, and must be addressed as a collective process in order to give families a real shot at the American dream.

Collaborative Broker

We bring together the various stakeholders to broker collaborative decision-making and implementation of real estate solutions to common goals to provide consistent, stable affordable housing to support the realization of self-sufficiency for low- and moderate-income residents while also providing for-profit developers with new revenue streams..

Nonprofit Capacity Building

From an anthropological perspective, we draw particular attention to investing in the long-term capacity and sustainability of nonprofit developer organizations. We aim to strengthen these institutions, making them more effective at achieving their core missions, and reducing inequality in all its forms, by supporting nonprofits with the organizational development work needed to build capacity and financial soundness.


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