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What We Do

We work with clients from the initial stages of program planning and development. We work with grant-seekers, program designers, funders, and stakeholders to clarify the desired effects (outcomes) of programming and to ensure that a proposed program is optimally designed so that it achieves its intended goals. We build a logic model/theory of change that visually illustrates how the program will produce its desired effects. We often work with grant-seekers from the early stages of proposal development to ensure that the proposed program contains effective evaluation strategies that are systematically integrated into the program’s operation. This involvement ensures that the program collects robust data that can be used for continuous improvement, and that measure the results of the program’s operation.

5 Reasons to do Program Dev

You want to make sure that: 
1 There is really a need for the program; 
2 The design you are considering actually meets the needs of the intended participants; 
3 The program you are considering has been shown to be effective; 
4 The program has been appropriately adapted to fit your context; and 
5 The program is actually working for the participants.

Considering the Context

■ Is the design intended for the program’s geographical situation (urban, rural, remote)? 

■ Is the design intended for the program’s population group, taking into account their unique needs? 

■ Is the design part of a larger program delivery system? Does a system exist to support the program? 

■ Does the type of organization delivering the program make a difference to how it is perceived by potential participants? 

■ How readily can the design be adapted to our context? 

■ Does it appropriately consider aspects of diversity? 

8 Steps to Designing & Developing a Program

1. Identify a potential need

2. Conduct a needs assessment

3. Research potential programs for filling need

4. Select an evidenced based design

5. Develop the program design

6. Pilot the program

7. Roll out the program

8. Monitor and evaluate 

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